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Information for Buyers

At Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices RW Towne Realty we believe there are 6 key steps to a successful home purchase. All of these duties and responsibilities assure you experience a successful purchase. This means your home buying experience will be on time, with the fewest problems and at the best price.


  1. Financing – Proper Qualification and Financing Make a Big Difference!
    Finding the right financing is as important as finding the right house. Discovering your true “buying power” and the best financing is the first step to a successful purchase.

  2. Total Access More Choices means the BEST Choice!
    There is a lot more to finding the ideal home than just surfing the internet, looking at ads, driving through neighborhoods, visiting open houses and using the traditional MLS. I make certain my buyers have total access to the greatest number of homes by targeting co-broking agents, neighborhood matches, FSBO’s and Social Media.

  3. Best Price – The best purchase price is not always the lowest price!
    Determining the best purchase price can be a real balancing act and is trickier than it appears. The best purchase price is the price that SECURES the property. Many times, because of competition the price is above the asking price. The key is to find the right price, between never overpaying or losing by underpaying.

  4. Negotiate – You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate!
    Protecting the buyer’s best interests and finding a win-win is where the sale begins or ends. Pre-negotiation is key and a critical component to a successful beginning. The offer should be prepared and presented in such a skillful manner it brings both parties together securing the sale.

  5. Worry Free – Managing the Details!
    There are a lot of moving parts in a real estate transaction and things can go amiss if there is a lack of attention to detail. I act as your project manager, managing all the details and eliminating any problems before they arise. This essential step ensures the entire buying experience is worry free.

  6. Trusted Advisor Protecting Your Interests. Educating, Guiding, Never Pressuring!
    A buyer should have someone who they trust, have confidence in and will help them make good decisions. You can count on me to be a trusted advisor, a consultant, educating and guiding versus a typical salesperson selling and pressuring. My buyer and their best interests are my top priority.